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Banana Investments Ltd is in the business of production and distribution of alcoholic beverages made from Bananas. It has been in operations since 1993.
The company is in the process of diversifying its productions by producing other beverages like spirits and bottled drinking water.

The company is organized in three Directorates namely Sales and Marketing (Covering sales, marketing including operaions of its two Deports in two major commercial centres in the country.
Operations (Covering Engineering, Processsing, Packaging and Suppliers) and Finance and Administration (Covering Accounting, Administration and Human Resources)

Brands produced at present include Raha, Meru and Malkia.

These Products are filled in 330ml. bottles, which are packed in crates or 24 bottles or cartons of 12 bottles, ready for selling.

Selling involves delivering the products to specified distributors, who sells them to retailers (Bar Owners), who sell them to customers. Target consumers are mostly low and medium income earners who can not always afford to drink normal malt beers, and grape wines.


To Produce the top quality products and services of beverages to our customers nationally and internationally


To provide and sell alcoholic and none alcoholic beverages through the use of appropriate technology that adapts to constant change and innovative while responding to customer test and preferences